Cycling Myanmar

I went for one month of cycling in Myanmar in January 2012.  I found difficult to get information to plan the cycling route.  I therefore decided to share my experience for others.  The information presented here is based on what I did and what I heard.  It’s very incomplete and I will be happy to amend or complete based on the information I will receive.  Please do not hesitate to leave a comment with any piece of info you would like to share.


To contact me: leclerc dot francis at

11 Responses to Cycling Myanmar

  1. athena says:

    thanks for your sharing. am going to myanmar as an international volunteer for development. will continue my passion for bike touring and for sure, i’ll go for bike tours on my holidays – with your notes as guide 😉

  2. jess says:

    Hi! Thanks for all that information.

    I’m considering doing roughly the same itinerary as you and wondered if you had any advice about travelling solo as a women in Myanmar?


    • Hi, we were 2 guys travelling together so I have no real input on how it will be for a solo women. However, Burmese are the nicest and it didn’t happen even once that I felt concerned for safety. I have no reason to believe that it would be different for a solo women. Have a nice trip.

  3. Thanks for writing this information. I would like to cycle with my husband and two kids aged 2 and 5 for three days only. Would you recommend it? Thanks.

    • Hi. Do I recommend? I am more tempted to say yes than to say no, but lets explain a bit.
      Myanmar is a safe place (you wont get attacked ever), the people are nice and helping, they love kids. I am sure you will receive a warm welcome.
      Select your route carefully:
      – dust: a lot of road we took are unpaved and extremely dusty when a car passes you
      – distance: tourist can only stay at specific hotels (that was the case when I went) which cannot be found everywhere. Often the distance between 2 towns with a tourist hotel can be 80-12km which can be a stretch if you are travelling with kids.

      I am sure you will have great time.

  4. Hi Francis, thanks for sharing. Do you know how easy and cheap it is to buy a bicycle in Myanmar? Did you rent one?

    • When I went I took my own bike and my friend rented one in Thailand. There was no good option to rent at the time if you weren’t on a tour. As for buying this wasn’t really an option at the time and I doubt that it’s a good idea. I expect good quality bikes to be very hard to find and expensive compared with neighbouring Thailand. I would not take the risk of going there empty handed hoping to find a bike for a tour.
      My tour starts dating now, things might have changed

  5. Matt says:

    Hi im planning to go to myanmar by bike and im considering which bike to get. Would a hybrid bike do the job or im better off with a mountain bike ?
    Which bike have you used?

    • Hi. Hybrid bike would be fine. You will find a lot of dirt roads so make sure that the tires are not to thin, but otherwise you do not need mountain bikes tires per say. I was there with a mountain bike mounted with touring tires (26*1.5) and it was perfect.

  6. Luigi says:

    Hi, many thanks for your helpfull guide. With a couple of friends we are planning to travel by mountain bike in Myammar. We would like travel from north to south starting from Chiang Mai in Thailand. We would like ride our own bikes, do you know if we will be able to enter in Myammar by our bike and if is possible enter in a border at north and exit throught a border in the south of the country?


    • Hi. When I went it wasn’t possible for foreigners to enter Myanmay by land borders. The only possible entrance was by plane through Yangoon. This was a few years back, this might have changed.

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