Maps and GPS

A paper map is useful to have but should be used with care.  They are all imprecise and it’s not possible to rely on them to estimate the distance between 2 places.

The same problems exists with google maps: the roads are too approximate to provide a good estimation of the distances between 2 towns (it systematically underestimate the distances).  And since the roads on the map are not where they really are, the elevation data are also wrong.

We went there with a paper map which help to have an overview and ask questions.  We also loaded the map from OpenStreetMap on the GPS and found it very very useful.  Since OSM is a collaborative map, not all the roads appear but all those we took are there.  The good thing is that if a road appears, it’s very accurate.  By using the routing functions of the GPS we could get accurate distances between places.  And it’s free!!!  

You can use to download a map for your garmin GPS.

You can view the whole route we took here: (you can download the gpx file).

And here is the GPX:  It contains waypoints corresponding to all the guesthouses we went.


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3 Responses to Maps and GPS

  1. Gerold says:

    Extremely helpful for planning my Myanmar bicycle trip in Jan. 2013! Thank you so much!

  2. Hansruedi says:

    Thanks a lot for all those informations about cycling in Myanmar.Unfortunately the GPX file on is not accessable anymore.To get the waypoints to the guesthouses you went would be really helpful.Maybe you can upload the file again or e-mail it to me.

  3. fleclerc says:

    Hi Hansruedi,I updated the link to download the file above. Please email me if it doesn’t work (leclerc.francis at, I cannot see your email address.

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